Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Review: A Viscount's' Proposal

Want a Regency Era heroine, who would have marched in the Woman's Marches of 2017? Look no further than Leorah Langdon in the novel "The Viscount's Proposal" by Melanie Dickerson
Leorah is determining to marry for love like her brother, and not end up like her parents in a loveless union. Viscount Edward Withinghall, want to avoid the very thing that got his father killed in a dual over his married mistress with her husband. To him Leorah is the trouble his wish to avoid. What happens when trying to be a gentleman and help an injured Learah he set the gossip mill running when they are found in his overturned carriage at night?
   It's one of the things I loved about this story: how strong the female lead, Leorah, was against the strict ideas and rules of the Regency upper class.
Another thing I loved, about Ms. Dickerson's writings, is her retellings of a well-known tale, in this case, Pride and Prejudice.  In every story, I read, written by her. I wondered how she's going to turn an important element in the story into something of her own. I'm never disappointed.
The first chapter was a little slow but I loved one piece of dialog between Leorah and her best friend, Felicity. It's one of the best dialogs I read between friends in a novel.  It's can't be missed.

Go buy "The Viscount's Proposal" by Melanie Dickerson

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