Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quit However Don't Quit Now!

Q is for Quit However Don't Quit Now.
Is for me.
I having a hard time coming up with something for each letter, having to have decide to take this challenge at the last minute.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hunger, Not Food Something Else...Anything Else

No not that kind of hunger...

Have you even wanted something so bad you could taste it?

That the kind of hunger I'm talking about - wanting something.
(Now I'm trying to think of something not food relative.....)

All right you want a giant shark plush!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

What all are you going to do to get this giant man eating plush?
Are you going to the store?
Search the Internet?
What if someone tell you (like your parents, your roommate or your spouse) that there is not way they're having that in their living room!
Creating an antagonist or any character really is knowing what he or she wants and at what length they are willing to go to get it and what or who stand in their way.

What is your character hungry for? Is a very important question for an author.  One I notice I have a problem with while writing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Frightening

The antagonist can be frightening.
I once read a tweet that said something along the lines of a thing is more scary if unseen.  This was advice for writing came from a agent who also wrote a few books, I think. 

If you follow a few lit agents on twitter you get some interesting advice.

Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Evil

Is the antagonist evil?
In my story there is dualism at work, (think Star Wars) and the characters are influenced by this good and evil hidden in their world.
So in the case of my story yes the antagonist is evil, can she or he be redeemed and forgiven? Without a doubt. Am I going to write my antagonist being redeemed I have no idea.

My Heroine Alana see angels but the questions are. Are they good or bad angels?  Are they even angels? And what else is hidden from sight?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Confict and Creating My Antagonist. (Also A ROW80 Check-in)

C is for Conflict and Creating my antagonist.

So far this A to Z Challenge and round of Around the Words in 80 Days Writing Challenge (I'm trying to do both challenges.) I have giving a lot of thought about what is an antagonist and who is my story's antagonist.
All because I started with A is for Antagonist. At first I planned to write about anything writing and decided my A would be for Antagonist but then I accidently posted on the A to Z challenge blog list A is for Antagonist instead of the name of my blog, A Force of Love.
When I went looking for my blog on the list I realized my mistake but then a few people come over my blog and commented how they like antagonists. Born was the new idea my topic for the A to Z would be all things antagonist or at least my thoughts about antagonists.

I'm still brainstorming who is my antagonist but I both by the end of this A to Z challenge to know who this person is.

Ok C is for Conflict.
The antagonist is not the person who determing to destroy everything.  Most of the time they want something and it doesn't goes well with what the protagonist wants.  There lies the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist. They are in each other ways to get what they want.

For ROW80 this is my brainstorming the plot of Feathers and Deaf.  All about antagonists.

Until next time, happy writing and blogging.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Bad Guy

Is the antagonist a bad guy?

We could aim the question back at you, Glinda.
I do think The Wicked Witch of the West was crazy and had a mean laugh.  And for me as a child she was at the top of the list for villains. She was Dorothy's antagonist. 

Dorothy's wanted to get home and according to Glinda she needed to visit the Wizard.  The Wicked Witch of the West didn't not want her to meet the Wizard, and the movie never tell why.  Since they're desires are against each other they are each others' antagonists and Glinda and Dorothy are allies.
While Glinda is not Dorothy's antagonist I wonder if she is the story's bad guy.  I once heard or read that the true villain set the story in motion.  Glinda knows that Dorothy wants to get home and the red slippers on her feet the whole time she skipping down the yellow brick road have the magic to send her home from the beginning but instead she send her down a path that leads to murder.  In the end Dorothy goes home with blood on her hands and Glinda stay as the most powerful person there and therefore rules Oz.
All this is not to change the way you watch Wizard of Oz or the way you look at the Good Witch Glinda, but it's another thing I learned from writing my 2nd YA novel you need to have an antagonist (which my novel doesn't) and you need to know all your bad guys.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Antagonist

What have I learned from writing my second full length YA novel?
I have learned I need to have an antagonist.
Really I wrote an novel with no clue who the murder was.  I kind of hoped the person would jump out and scream I DID IT! Nope, no luck.
As a writer we need to know who the antagonist of our novels are. They can stay hidden from the reader like the notorious A in Pretty Little Liars.

Is Mona the Antagonist?

Does her desires and wants conflict with the liars?

The protagonist's and the antagonist's desires have to cause conflict for the plot to move forward and the story to avoid being boring.

Around the Words in 80 days' Goals (ROW80)

I have decided I need to extend my "little world" So this 2nd round of Around the Words in 80 days, is about extending my world, changes I can make to get beyond "me." 

The last round I learned I have a hard time keeping my goals for 80 days so this time I'm breaking it into 20 days/set of goals.

How am I going to do that?

I'm going to get each 20 days a theme.  The first theme is create.

Writing/Editing Goals
  • Not only weekly and mid-week report but daily reports.
  • Visit a ROW80er's blog each day.
  • Edit a page of my Feathers and Deaf WIP each day.
  • Work on some plot ideas to improve Feathers and Deaf.
  • Write a page of my notebook story titled Days with Caleb.

Life Goals

  • Check out, maybe buy, Matthew Hussey's Book Get the Guy and watch the matchmakers' TV show Ready for Love.  (Hey as a child I loved the show Love Connection!  My best friend and I would stay up late to watch it, thro I think I liked the show more than she did.) If nothing maybe I get a story idea out of it.
  • Keep applying for jobs and anything else I think I need to do to improve my chances of landing a job like washing my black pants for in store applying and interviews. I need a day job to support this writing habit.
  • Re-decorate my bedroom and my sitting/TV/writing room.

This is my plan to create and extend my world.  I leave you with a music video titled My Own Little World by Matthew West. (Below that is the blog hop)