Monday, April 1, 2013

Around the Words in 80 days' Goals (ROW80)

I have decided I need to extend my "little world" So this 2nd round of Around the Words in 80 days, is about extending my world, changes I can make to get beyond "me." 

The last round I learned I have a hard time keeping my goals for 80 days so this time I'm breaking it into 20 days/set of goals.

How am I going to do that?

I'm going to get each 20 days a theme.  The first theme is create.

Writing/Editing Goals
  • Not only weekly and mid-week report but daily reports.
  • Visit a ROW80er's blog each day.
  • Edit a page of my Feathers and Deaf WIP each day.
  • Work on some plot ideas to improve Feathers and Deaf.
  • Write a page of my notebook story titled Days with Caleb.

Life Goals

  • Check out, maybe buy, Matthew Hussey's Book Get the Guy and watch the matchmakers' TV show Ready for Love.  (Hey as a child I loved the show Love Connection!  My best friend and I would stay up late to watch it, thro I think I liked the show more than she did.) If nothing maybe I get a story idea out of it.
  • Keep applying for jobs and anything else I think I need to do to improve my chances of landing a job like washing my black pants for in store applying and interviews. I need a day job to support this writing habit.
  • Re-decorate my bedroom and my sitting/TV/writing room.

This is my plan to create and extend my world.  I leave you with a music video titled My Own Little World by Matthew West. (Below that is the blog hop)

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