Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ROW 80 - 8 Days Left

Alright eight days left of my first round of around the words in 80 days and the next one starts April 1st.
What have I learned from this writing chellenge so far?

  1. I'm not good at keeping goals for 80 days.
  3. Today is a new day for aiming at the goal.
  4. You may have to change the goals, but don't give up!
  5. That I'm still learning.
  6. Write, Write, Edit Edit.
  7. The story or editing will happen one word at a time.
Goal for the eight days left.
  • To edit one page a day.
  • To not give up on my writing, or on other things in my life.
Yesterday Lee McAulay left this Emily Dickinson's poem on the Around the Words in 80 days blog.

“They may not need me, but they might
I’ll let my smile stay just in sight
A smile as small as mine might be
Exactly their necessity.”
I think I'll remember it for today's motto.
Well ROW80ers, how's y'all writing coming?
Happy Writing,
Annie Laurie


  1. Yep - some great lessons learned there! Keep it up and best of luck. X

  2. hello Sumita Pai,
    A ROW80er is a person who has decided to take up the writing challenge called Around the Words in 80 days also known as ROW80.

  3. Wow...i'm struggling with my very 1st challenge (A-Z)...and there's one for 80 days?! wow.