Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7 #OctPoWriMo Nanny Aunt Annie

Nanny Aunt Annie 

What I not change,
it not in the past,
is in the present,
Nanny, am I, joy,
Nephew, I love you. 

By Annie Laurie

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6 #OctPoWriMo Over the Fog

Over The Fog

The sun rose,
the clouds glowed,
over the fog
dark blue and purple 
over the horses in the polo field. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5 Poem #OctPoWriMo Our Fingers Brushed Each Other

Our fingers brushed each other,
we walked side by side but
on the next pass our fingers tangled together,
the perfect fit.

Your hand stoke the back of my neck,
on the way to my shoulder,
I hid my face into your side
and the woman screamed on the screen.

You leaned forward,
I stood on my tiptoes
we both angled our head to the right,
our breaths blended and our lips met.

The bubbled feeling raise from my stomach
to my chest it tickled the inside
of my cheeks into a goofy smile,
it popped thoughts of you when you're away.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 4 Poem #OctPoWriMo The Magic of

So I'm writing poems for OctPoWriMo, and the writing prompt for today is Do You Believe in Magic.

The Magic of

I want my senses
heighten and brighten
like the magic of joy
by the color of sunflowers,
wheat and ripen lemons.

I want my senses
frighting and rising
like the magic of love
with the wings of butterfly kisses,
forehead kisses, and unforgettable kisses.

I want my senses
striving and living
like the magic of family
joining the sounds of running feet,
loud conversations, and quiet moments.

with you, you who are the ones I have,
and you are the ones I don't have or haven't yet.

By Annie

2012 Day 4 Poem "Granddaddy's Watch 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Puzzle Pieces #1 OctPOWriMo Day 2

Puzzle Pieces #1

My friends slide like perfect
Puzzle pieces into my life.
God's Perfect
Plan, I hoped that the one,
My true love slide just as perfect
into my life.

So I invite you
Come, exist in my world.

Please check on the poetry Prompt and links to the other poets link at OctPoWriMo Day 2   

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Almost Friends

        One day it hit me that we had reached the point of avoiding each other glance or at least I had reached the point of avoiding his glance. Six months ago or a year ago I thought he and I were almost friends but something changed. We were talking about strange dreams and visions of things that aren't there and then one day we're not. Of everyone in that group he was the one I thought would end up a real friend not just someone I sat there and strained to listen to.

        But then something happened. I knew he had said a few things that make me think about the world differently, that I admired him for these things. Because of this I had a small crush on him that scared the heck out of me. (Every time  I think admire I feel like Elinor in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility)

        I had a moment where not being able to hear matter more then I liked to admit. (I have hearing loss in case you didn't know)  We were  playing a game with the youth group at church and I wanted to help as one of the group leaders, but  the moment my group rushed over me and the boys started chest bumping I realized I couldn't hear or understand.  In the panic mode I looked over at my almost friend and for some reason he was looking at me. From the questions I had asked before we joined the teenagers it was clear that I worried I wouldn't hear. With that look from me he sent someone to help me.

       After a few minutes of the game I got over not being able to hear and went with the flow. It turned into a really fun game but after when I thanked my almost friend. He seemed embarrassed about something. I don't think he realized that when I turned to him and asked him to help me "hear" I trusted him. I don't trust just anyone with that knowledge.  It should have been a growing moment in our friendship but when he grew embarrassed neither one of us knew what to say anymore.

       I grew embarrassed that I dared to show him the degree of my hearing loss. Became aware of every time I misunderstood him when he talked to me and I asked him to repeat himself. Scared that in those moments my hearing loss shined like a bright neon sign. Time passed, summer and Christmas flew by. Somewhere between summer and the day I realized we reached the point where we avoided each other glance we stopped being almost friends.

       That day I forgot and met his glance, couldn't tell if it scared him or surprised him. But it doesn't matter, summer is here again which means the meetings are over. In time, we'll forget each other and he'll never know not unless by chance, fate or by God's hands he read this.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

We Need Diverse Books (I entered the writing contest)


A few weeks ago I entered my short story A Sign-Name for Mercy in the We Need Diverse Books short story writing contest.

The story is Switched at Birth meet Supernatural.

The story: a girl with hearing loss meets for the first time a deaf person who use American Sign Language and must save her new friends from something evil, all on the first day of seventh grade.

The contest's winners will be announce on my birthday. I can't think of a better birthday gift if I win. This is the first time I have the nerves to enter a writing contest so I just glad I have built up enough confidence to enter.

I pray for all who enter the contest and who read my story. And wish everyone who entered the contest the best of luck and we are all WRITERS no matter what happened and never give up!

Click for more information on the contest