About Me

Hello, welcome.
Have a seat, ,make yourself comfortable, would you like some coffee, hot tea or better yet sweet ice tea?

Oh, you have came here to learn about me,
I like my coffee with soy milk/almond milk and sugar.
I like hot green tea with soy milk and sugar. Yes I like milk in my hot tea, not my sweet ice tea.
I have an English degree and a Child Consumer Science degree.  Have an easier time being a student then living in the real world as some like to call it.
I've been an life guard, stocker for Books-A-Million  (BAM) warehouse, waitress, and a teacher's aide.

I started writing when one of my aunts (I have 5 aunts) told me if I was going to daydream that long I needed to write.  I was sitting on the couch daydreaming, not listening to a word she or my mama said, way too long for her liking when she said this to me.  I started writing that day.  A very short story about talking animals and a lost prince, set on a magical island. 

But I had wrote another story before that when I was 7 about my puppy. Paper tied together with my crayon handwriting (nothing spelled right) and my mama's handwriting written under it with all the words spelled right.

I'm still trying to figure out who I am in the real world but I know two things for sure, I'm full of passion for God and I want to write.  Make that three things and I believe He (God) will help me find my way.

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