Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hunger, Not Food Something Else...Anything Else

No not that kind of hunger...

Have you even wanted something so bad you could taste it?

That the kind of hunger I'm talking about - wanting something.
(Now I'm trying to think of something not food relative.....)

All right you want a giant shark plush!

Source: ohgizmo.com via Megan on Pinterest

What all are you going to do to get this giant man eating plush?
Are you going to the store?
Search the Internet?
What if someone tell you (like your parents, your roommate or your spouse) that there is not way they're having that in their living room!
Creating an antagonist or any character really is knowing what he or she wants and at what length they are willing to go to get it and what or who stand in their way.

What is your character hungry for? Is a very important question for an author.  One I notice I have a problem with while writing.


  1. So true. Without knowing what they're striving to obtain, the story falls flat. Enjoyed the post. :)

    If you have the chance, I'm at: Karen's Shenanigans

  2. I will now be thinking of plush sharks when creating characters. LOL Great post!

    Jana @ A Novel Reality

  3. Loved that photo! And I loved your post about being hungry for something.

  4. Right now I am hungry for a chocolate milkshake! Thanks for the writing tips- stopping by from the A-Z Challenge :)