Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Confict and Creating My Antagonist. (Also A ROW80 Check-in)

C is for Conflict and Creating my antagonist.

So far this A to Z Challenge and round of Around the Words in 80 Days Writing Challenge (I'm trying to do both challenges.) I have giving a lot of thought about what is an antagonist and who is my story's antagonist.
All because I started with A is for Antagonist. At first I planned to write about anything writing and decided my A would be for Antagonist but then I accidently posted on the A to Z challenge blog list A is for Antagonist instead of the name of my blog, A Force of Love.
When I went looking for my blog on the list I realized my mistake but then a few people come over my blog and commented how they like antagonists. Born was the new idea my topic for the A to Z would be all things antagonist or at least my thoughts about antagonists.

I'm still brainstorming who is my antagonist but I both by the end of this A to Z challenge to know who this person is.

Ok C is for Conflict.
The antagonist is not the person who determing to destroy everything.  Most of the time they want something and it doesn't goes well with what the protagonist wants.  There lies the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist. They are in each other ways to get what they want.

For ROW80 this is my brainstorming the plot of Feathers and Deaf.  All about antagonists.

Until next time, happy writing and blogging.


  1. I took a class on Creating Great Villains. I'm learning to love my antagonists. For my Camp NaNo novel, I did a role reversal with a fairytale universe. The heroes are the villains and vice versa. Characters and plots are mashed-up and antagonist creation is so much fun. I get to know each character and explore their dark sides. It adds so much depth to the story and makes the word counts fly by.

    My instructor was author Rayne Hall. She released a book that is an extension of what she taught in class:

    I highly recommend her craft series. Great examples, quick reads, and highly informative. Her workshop was one of my favorites, too, so if ever you get a chance, you should check them out.

    I look forward to reading about your progress.


    Tonette dela Luna
    Blog: Textploits of the Writerly Persuasion -

  2. Good luck with BOTH of your challenges. I've heard of the A to Z challenge, but have never done it. But I've been doing ROW80 since the beginning!

    I've noticed that occasionally, an antagonist turns out...not to be. LOL. Sometimes an antagonist is more of a situation than a person. Then sometimes an antagonist is a full on villain whom you love to hate. Isn't writing fun?

  3. Yes, people can change their roles. You think they're one thing, the antagonist, then learn that they are something totally different. I love stories like that.

    Nancy, newly appointed Spunky's Soldier A-Z Challenge