Sunday, May 12, 2013

Around the Word in 80 days - Day 42 After quitting I'm back

Hello Around the World in 80 days aka ROW80

Sorry I disappeared.  But I went through a few weeks of not writing including blog posts.
The last post I wrote was about not quitting, and then I don't write. I felt like I was quitting.  Hate that feeling.

So I'm back.
And working on three "projects"
One is a short story but it could be a harlequin novel but don't think it'll be that long.
Second one is a Young Adult contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast (new story idea)
Third one is the second draft to YA novel about a girl who see angels Work title Feathers and Deaf which plot has taken a whole different road.

Will come up with a plan on Wednesday.

Here is the Blog Hop of the other darling writers of ROW80 (hoping its show up)


  1. Sometimes Not Writing Time is your body and mind's way of saying "I need to refresh and rebuild". Clearly you were still thinking of writing, you just weren't actually writing.

    A lot of us in the ROW80 deal with ebbs and flows... like tides. There is a rush and a withdraw and the mind and body replenish themselves. Maybe that's what you needed.

    You're back now. May a new surge of energy come with you.

  2. I guess you just needed a break from writing. It happens to us all. The bright side is, I bet now that you're back at it, you're really excited and pumped to write. =)

  3. Welcome back. Three writing projects? Great! Just remember everyone's life looks seamless from the outside. You are writing again, finding the way that works for you. And I hope you find encouragement and support from ROW80 as you continue. :)

  4. hi ya - nice to see you back - just needed a rest that's all - all the best with rest of the round:)