Sunday, May 26, 2013

JuNoWriMo and ROW80

Last time I reported for ROW80 I said I was going to write short stories.


I wrote one short story about a girl who had a crush on a guy who worked at the gym and the next thing I know scenes for my retelling of Beauty and the Beast YA novel come flooding in and took over.  The life of a writer, right.... or at least my life as a writer.

I started writing down there scenes hoping to catch them before they washed away.  During this time I got an email from JuNoWriMo (Writing challenge in June to write a novel in 30 days [Created by different people then the ones who created NaNoWriMo that take place in November.])

And I thought great idea I'll write this novel for JuNoWriMo!

And then I planned to write another novel that had a few scenes floating around in my head in July for Camp NaNoWriMo (more about that later) I imagined that once I started writing B&theB more scenes from the other one will flood in too.

This plan could change in a month.

It's written on this blog and not in stone.

I have no idea why but the blog hop linky wouldn't work....sorry no blog hop for ROW80


  1. Lovely plans. I'm starting to be of the opinion that it doesn't matter what you write about -- as long as you keep writing! I'm so deep in revision I'm not sure I can write anymore, but soon, soon I'll be back. May all those scenes fall onto the paper in June's NoWrMo.

  2. Good luck with your stories and JuNoWriMo.

  3. It's the writing that matters, but there is also something to be said for sticking to a project even when there isn't a huge amount of interest at the time. It's easy to fall into the "Ooh, Shiny!" trap when the writing isn't as inspiring as it feels like it should be. (There's a reason people expect to be paid for their writing... it can be hard work.)

    I won't tell you how to pursue writing. I'll suggest you figure out what is important to you and why you write... that will let you tell you how to pursue your writing.