Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October's Challenges

It's October and I have three different challenges.

First challenge is a writing challenge called October Poetry Writing Month also known as OctPoWriMo. I will be writing a piece of poetry every day of this month.  In fact I'll post a piece later. Click the link to learn more on the OctPoWriMo's blog.  Love for you to join and write with me.

Second challenge is called 90 days of positive thinking or look like Charlize Theron (Family joke I think it started when Daddy asked Mama who she like to look like. Her answer Charlize Thorne from the Dior commercial. Now there a picture of Charlize on our refrigerator. This challenge is a lose weight challenge with positive thinking (with the help of exercise and a better diet).  I will be posting about living healthier. Recipes of the food I'm trying and love and exercise routine I'm working on. Today is day 5.

Third Challenge is another writing challenge called Around the word in 80 days that will start on the 7th and end on the December 26.  This challenge is for the writer with a life ;).  I think it a good writing challenge for learning to live a writer's life, more important your writer's life.  We all have to write around life, work, children, husband/wife and the events that pop in out of nowhere. You picked your own writing goals, whether it's a word count or amount of time to write, you get to pick a measurable goal. Check in twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday.  For information click this link ROW80

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