Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bold Butterfly OctPoWriMo Day 3

The prompt today is what was our first poem or what made us love poetry?
Well I don't know if this was my first poem but it's the poem that made me realized I had something to say with poetry. 

Bold Butterfly
A high school Junior I wrote a Shakespearean poem,
in creative writing class about swimming a race.
How I shot into the water, lived the moment.
In that moment I loved the chase.

Not the fastest swimmer, I loved
the feeling of the water treading alone my body,
the butterfly, oh how I remember thee, my beloved.
Modest in life, there I was bold, even in a swimsuit, oddy.

That was what I wrote a while ago in another being,
The me now and the me then would be disagreeing.

In high school I was on the local swim team, but I didn't join until later, most of my teammates had been on the team from a young age.  While I loved swimming since I was 7 I didn't discover the swim team until I was a teenager. My favorite stoke was the butterfly, one of the hardest stoke in swimming but I loved it. Also I was one of the better swimmers on my team in that stoke.  So one day in creative writing class it's what I wrote about and since I shared something about me, my teacher liked it.



  1. Oh how I love poetry that rhymes! It has a special place in my heart and makes it glad. Bravo!

  2. Oh, Annie - I enjoy learning new things about you and your poem is just filled with Annie-ness. How brave of you to begin swimming competitively at a later age. I would have been far too afraid to do something like that! Wonderfully done, the words as well as the experience.