Monday, October 7, 2013

Me and My Nails Day 7 OctPoWriMo

All day I've been asking myself what story about me do I want to share with you? Today's Poetry Prompt is The Power of Narrative Poetry and Ms. Scott talked about her winning two story slams. So Cool!
 So for poem I writing it right now "live" and imagaining I'm at a story or poetry slam and all I know it I'm talking about today and my nails.

Me and My Nails
Hi I'm the girl more tomboy then girly girl,
Little I wore jeans and big shirt no dress for me.
Wouldn't touch one with 9' pole, expected Easter.
That was me more tomboy then girly girl.

But then met a boy no no not that kind...
Gay boy who noticed how she dressed.
Changed her dress and make up, more fashionista.
Now I wear dresses and cute tops but still wear jeans.

But life happened, and I needed a bright spot
One day picked a color for my nails
pink like cotton candy, happy times, fun times.
A bright happy color right there on her hands.

Today at make up store
having a sale on these wonderful color called nail polish.
What color should I pick?
calming blues? Natural browns?
pretty pinks? Bold reds?
Picked a bold purplish red and a calming light blue.
By Annie

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  1. Fun story! I love the light-hearted joy in it. And I have several boy friends like yours who tried to "fix" me, too. ;)