Saturday, October 12, 2013

Relate More to Beast then Beauty Day 12 OctPoWriMo

Don't remember where this picture came from but it's not mine and this is 
Disney's Belle (Beauty)
Today's poetry writing prompt is about shadows. While we could write about shadows, the prompt more about writing about our shadow side. Our non-virtues, hate, greed, lust, ect.

"Relate More to Beast then Beauty"

I love the tale of Beauty and the Beast
Relate more to Beast then Beauty
For who could love me?

Love me? I didn't even love me.
Thought they hated me,
then thought they thought me not worth it.

Related more to Beast then Beauty.
Pain in chest - empty, hollow, lost,
Knives and scissors, pointy, sharp.
But something stopped me.

For who could love me?

My family loved me.
Every single one loves me.
Told me God saved me.

Death had his chances.
Six times before age six weeks,
but he lost his chances.

God saved me.

God is the one who loves me.
Gave me a chance, not Death.
Saved me (gave me life) for a reason.

Love me? I love me.
No more self hate digging a hole in me.
Still hate knives and scissors.

Took me years to get here,
but still not there
the question changed.

For what man would love me?
If I like a man - a crush.
I'll think of every reason for him to not.

I'm boring, life not exciting, living at home.
He's not going to understand, or like me back.
He's want sex, and dump you - silly child of God.

You have a hearing lost,
as you stubble over words, do you want to explain why?
Why bother.

Relate more to Beast then Beauty
I am beautiful, Beast still there.

This is my shadow mix my light with my darkness.  

By Annie

This poem really explain why the story I'm writing right now is basic on Beauty and the Beast. I always wanted to write a story basic on this fairy tale.  But this is the first time I've felt I've a good story idea.

P.S. I posted the wrong day number on my post yesterday. it was day 11 not 10 lol. 


  1. This is such a deeply moving poem! Glad you're with us.

  2. Thank you, glad like you liked it.

  3. That was honest and raw, yet hopefully reaching for the light. "O tiger's heart bound in a woman's hide."

  4. Feeling honored that you shared this poemful of emotion with us. Thank you. xoA

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