Friday, October 4, 2013

Gentle Day 4 OctPoWriMo

Oh, how I wish my dreams
would come on a gentle breeze
I lay in bed and want to scream
Sometimes I think the angels of fate teases

Or maybe it's the muses that teases
Please be gentle to me for I'm a writer
I need to write the visions I see
fingers on keyboard I pull an all nighter.

Oh, True Love, be gentle to my heart
where are you? Where's Cupid's arrow?
When will love journey long start?
I guess I'll meet him some tomorrow.

Go told me to go straight and my path is narrow.



  1. Oh, how we hope and plead for a gentle muse! Love your imagery.

  2. I love how this flows! Such a beautiful plea gentleness.

  3. My favorite line: 'Please be gentle to me for I'm a writer!' What a sweet song to gentleness; 'tis no easy path you map out, but narrow!