Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lost and Scared ROW80 Check In

An Around the Words in 80 days check in (ROW80)

When it come to my novel in progress, I feel a mix of emotions.

First I feel lost. Where in the world am I going with this plot? I have no idea I've always been a  panster when it came to writing. I have wrote outlines and characters charts and when I started writing I never use any of the information I outlined it's goes out the window so I stopped planning and just start writing.  I will come up with an ending. It's float into my head while I write. That the only "planning" I'll stick with.

Second I'm scared. Scared to write for some reason.

I'm excited I know know this is the best thing I've written so far, and the best story idea I've come up with. Note the best for me, not sure it's a wonderful book it's a first draft but it could be great. This may be another reason I'm scared.

I really need to write!
Does anyone else feel this way?


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  1. Don't be afraid! It's always scary. I've written close to fifty stories in the past eight years (from short story to novel in length) and every time I sit down to start writing, I get freaked out. By the time I get to the middle, I'm convinced I'm failing to tell the story I'd intended.

    When I get like that, I kind of grind my teeth together, set a twenty minute timer and just write for that length of time (while telling myself whatever I mess up right now can be fixed in edits). I keep doing the timer until I'm less panicked.

    Good luck this week!