Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Row80 Q4 First Check In 2013

Row80 Q4 First Check In 2013

            I kept telling myself You need to write, it's the first day of Around the Words in 80 days and you need to write! Well I felt a mental block or something.  It's keep saying what are you going to write. Do you have a plan.  No I didn't have a plan.  But all I had to do was write something.  That my writing goal for right now, write something.
            Well I decided I need to read something. That my writer's mind need to cut off and I needed to turn on the fun reader's mind. Need to eat some words, put some words in maybe the words would flow onto the blank screen of the computer. I read two chapters, wanted to read more but like I said I needed to write.  I decided at the gym that a character that I struggled to give a name, would be named Wanda. (you can believe a bookworm, fairy tale loving teen could be named Wanda, right?) I decided to write the introduction for this character.  I wrote 57 words of her part of the story. (She's a secondary character.)

Healthy Living:
            At the gym I decided I want to try out a class.  I noticed that was a dancing class going on in the "classroom" of the gym.  I thought maybe I'll try that class next time.  So I asked the guy at the desk what class was going on and that I would like to try a class. Turn out that there was another class next, called Body Flow.  I talked to the girl teaching the class she said it's like a yoga but without the UMMM.
            I tried it.  My balance not great and my flexibility could use some work but it was fun.  I need something else to do.  The treadmill was getting boring.  My gym just started offering more exercise classes. Only problem is the membership fee is more then what I'm paying right now.  They trying to get more people to join or pick the higher fee so they offering the classes with on extra cost this month.  The good news is that mama said she'll pay the different if I really want to take the class.  Yay, Thank you Mama! So I'm closer to my first goal of losing 5 pounds and my bigger goal of being long and lean!
            Oh but the plan to not eat cookies at Cookies and Compline - failed.

            We went gourd hunting. I want to paint a pumpkin and a ghost on a gourd. Also I thought the young girl I'm taking care of 2 days a week would like to paint one too.

           I didn't write a word not even a poem.  I found all kind of other stuff to do that I somehow can't remember what they are now.  
Healthy Living:
            I didn't eat any carbs for breakfast or lunch.  I had spaghetti for supper but I'd planned to eat spaghetti for supper.  It's was good day for my diet.

Plan for today: Write! Write on story. Write a poem.

How did y'all do the first few days of ROW80?

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