Sunday, October 13, 2013

I lost 1/2 pound

First week of ROW80 check in is over. Write everyday for 80 days writing challenge.
I wrote a scene yesterday, and it hit me I know what my heroine is feeling but what does she want? What's her desire? What's her goal? I know her inner conflict but what am rooting for her to achieve? Because I know what the hero want and how my heroine is reacting to his dicions toward that goal, scenes for to achieve the hero's goal are going through my head. But that only half the story.
I think if I knew what my heroine want then writing my daily goal would come easier.

Write everyday
I think I wrote two days out of five so far. 

Post a poem everyday.
I think I posted two poems.

Exercise three days a week.
I make it to the gym three times this week and started a new class.

Lose five pounds.
1/2 out of 5 pounds.

Goals for this week:
Write everyday.
Write a poem everyday and post on here on my blog.
Lose 4 1/2 pounds.
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  1. Knowing our characters is such an important part. I talk to mine. ;-) But another great idea I've heard is to interview your characters. Ask them questions (type it out so you have a log of it) and come up with their answers. Could be fun!