Friday, December 28, 2012

My Answer: Writing Prompt #1 Yourself

Writing Prompt:

You're a character in a book, describe yourself in third person - your physical appearance and personality.

            A girl with dark brown hair and pink glasses walked into the college cafeteria.  She gave the cafeteria worker  a small smile as she scanned her meal card.  She searched the large room, when she didn't see her friends she moved to look in the sunroom area, full of windows and tall tables and chairs.

            There she found her friends, her hands moved in a strange pattern called American Sign Language when she spotted them.  Her long fingers moved to formed what he didn't know. Her friends greeted her in return with hand movements of their own.

            She grin as she claimed a chair with her jacket.

            The grin disappeared when she entered the crowded food area in the back of the cafeteria, where he stood but her green-blue hidden behind her glasses looked to see who's there.  When she spied his group she crossed her arms and avoided his and his friends' eyes as she tried to decide what to eat.

            In long strides she headed in their direction, but she stared straight ahead as she passed them he watched her walk to the pizza stand.

            But then she grinned again as another friend greeted her, this one didn't use hand movements but talked to her.  She leaned close to hear. They're laughed. Her face changed as she no longer hid her emotions. 


Ok not sure this was the assignment but there's what I came up with.

Annie Laurie Gray

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