Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poem: The Boy Who Tried

When I wrote this poem I didn't like anything I wrote for the last couple of days.  So when I sat down at my computer I decided not to have a pre-writing plan or plot in mind.  I prayed to God for Him to dwell in me and to help me write.
I wrote this poem which has never mention God.
Really I didn't plan to write this poem... I didn't even plan to write a poem.  I wrote this with the Lord's help.

  The Boy Who Tried

He doesn't understand why she looked so sad.  She wouldn't look at him, wouldn't smile but he wouldn't look or smile either.

He tried.

He has no regrets, he tried.

One day he talked to her.  It was only a greeting.  "How are you?"

"I'm good, how are you?" she answered, with eyes opened a little too wide. Shocked he talked to her he guessed.

He smiled and nodded his goodbye.

Something happened he should of it as he left.

He waited for her again over and over again at the coffee shop.

She showed up but they didn't talk but he's sure something happened.

He waited for the moment to come, the right moment.

The right moment came.

He waited for her, it's the night of the Christmas parade.

He watched her car drive by, she looking for someone he's sure it's him.

It's the right moment, he sure of it.

But she never showed up.

Maybe she's was looking for another guy, not him.

The Girl who  

She doesn't understand why he looked mad.

She get the feeling she ruined his plans.

One day she tried to talk to him.

No regrets she tried to talk to him.

She got his name, but she only gave her first name.

Something happened she had a feeling.

Over and over she went to the coffee shop hoping to see him.

They never talked....

She was not sure what was happening anymore.

One day she drove by the coffee shop she forgot about the Christmas parade.

She looked for him through the windows of the coffee shop.

He watched her with half a smile.

But she didn't find a parking place, got there too late.

Now he sit with another girl maybe she was wrong.

To break the silence between them.

By Annie Laurie Gray

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