Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Zachaniah

Zachaniah's head knowledge outweighed his faith.  He showed this when he talked back to the angel like a know it all teenager. He was a priest therefore trained but he and his wife are "righteous in the sight of God" (Luke 1:6 NIV), this tell of his faith.


Did Zachaniah show a lack of faith?

Or did he show another problem? One we see over and over again in the new testament and today?

His head knowledge outweighed his faith.

He gone far on this knowledge and he and his wife are "righteous in the sight of God." (Luke 1:6 NIV) I think this "righteous" confirm his faith.

 He talked back to the angel like a know it all teenager demonstrate his head ruled over his heart and faith. With the words “'How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.'”  (Luke 1:18) According to the life experience and the rules of the world which everyone with good common sense know, a woman "well along in years" and never had a child, most likely not going to have a child.

But see Zechaniah asked the wrong question.  He asked "how can I be sure of this?"  The I is very important in this sentence.  He's saying with all the knowledge I have this is not possible.

I suffer from wanting to know the how, why, when and where, all the time with God and his plans for my life and his commands.

But see there's another way to ask for the how, why. when and where when it come to God and this plans.  And that I will post about in a later post when I write about Mary and her visit from the angel Gabriel.


Since Zachaniah need proof the angel take his voice away.

Have you ever notice how God works wonders in the quietness?

When we don't throw demands at God and let Him show us what best when we listen?

Zachanish needed to listen.

And since I'm writing this post I'm pretty sure God telling me I need to "be still" and listen and "Know (He) is God"  To stop telling Him what's I'm worried about, what I want, and what I think He should do."  Now there will be a time when I am I cried my heart to God and "talk" to him about what's on my mind, but I realize once I'm finish I need to sit back and let Him have his turn at "talking."

What is God telling you?

What do you think of Zachaniah?

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