Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 5

For NaNoWriMo I'm still way behind barly wrote a word today.  My aunt ran over from Ga, to get a table out of Gran's house.  We had lunch, helped her and my uncle get the table and they left.

I'm thinking if I can just get my experinces story written, maybe I can use it as an outline for a fiction story.  Maybe I'll write the fiction story better but I got to write the real story first.  Like the Hemingway quote "There nothing to writing but to sit at the typewriter and bleed."

I think I have to find my emotions, my feelings, and find the voice (my voice) to write them.

In a way I found it in poetry, now I need to find it in prose.

All I know is it hurt to write, and when I "come out" of writing I am in  a daze. Also I notice I can't write it at home, alone in my room so I came to the coffee shop (full of people at the moment.) where there are people.

Here is a line from what I've written yesterday and today.
"The morning after this decision , in the small quiet eating area, all the business man and families have had their  free complimentary breakfast and come and gone. Natalie sat at one of the small white round drinking her sweet creamy coffee and picking small bits of a banana muffin, unaware that the decision had been made."


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