Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A notebook, a pencil, and ROW 80 Check-in

A notebook, a pencil, and ROW 80 Check-in

As some of you know this is my first Around the words in 80 days or #ROW80 as its called on twitter.
It's been a learning process.  I keep changing my goals since I'm learning about how I write and learning how to write this book "Feathers and Deaf"

When I wrote the first draft I remember writing 500 words a day. What I forgot was that I didn't write every day when writing the first 1/4 part of the book or the intro act of the book. Some days I just brainstormed, or plotted.

And here the the other thing the story flowing better when I sit down with a notebook and pencil vs sitting at my laptop.

All my characters are changing but maybe one who I haven't even wrote into the story yet since he made an appearance into the first draft until later in the plot.
Things that changed:
My heroine is not a cheerleader, she doesn't have two best friends, at least not yet. 
One of the best friends Mallory, turned into the new girl at school, the first day of senior year.
The remaining best Friend Karen, is not starting a new relationship but had a boyfriend since 8th grade.
Oh and least not forget that my heroine is now hard of hearing.
This is all in the first chapter.

Without a doubt this is a Work in Progress!
But I'm having fun, can't see my life without writing. I think I'd write no matter what.

Annie Laurie


  1. an adventure on every new page:) love it when things change - go with the flow and who knows how it willl turn out - are your notebooks and pens beautiful I hope so - all the best and nice to have you around:)

  2. Ah, yes... Works in Progress (WiPs are a forever topic in the ROW80).

    It is a learning process, and you're likely to change your goals several more times before you actually find a balance that suits your own needs. Don't worry about the delays. It will happen more naturally than you might think.

    Good luck to you and your every evolving stories from me and mine. :-)

  3. Welcome to ROW80! I hope that participating brings you just that edge of accountability and analysis that will support your writing. Your entry here shows lovely focus on writing and understanding the process and your characters. I found that my goals changed radically as I read other ROW80 folks and learned from them. Without a doubt, we are ALL works in progress!