Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Does She Want, A ROW80 Check-in

What Does she want?
I've been writing and brainstroming my story turning it into the 2nd draft.  This morning in church I realized something I'd no clue what my heroine whats.  (yes, my mind wondering away during church but just for a moment.)
In the first draft my heroine wanted her two best friends to get along and be best friends with each other.
Well in the second draft I changed the two best friends into one best friend and the new girl at school.
I know what the best freind wants.
I know what the new girl wants.
but what does my heroine want? This happen to me everytime I write even if I know before hand the main want or goal of my heroine.  I get writing and the desire the main goal for my hero or heroine will disappear and I'll realize it.  Or it turn out this not strong enought to make it 200 pages.

Goal before Wednesday is to come up the answer to this question. What does she want?

Annie Laurie

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  1. Annie -

    I find sometimes that I don't know my characters nearly as well as I would like to.

    Often, I throw something unexpected at them, just to see how they will react...

    I hope you have found at least the beginnings of what she wants now, and that the sense of it grows deeper as the story progresses.