Friday, January 25, 2013

A Prayer for Talking to Your Crush Before Valentine's Day

If you walk into any store right now within moments you know Valentine's Day is coming.  You can't miss the display with all things red a few feet away from the door. Red hearts full of candy, red teddy bears, and a frog or two. Many things of red saying buy me your sweetheart wants me.

            Or it’s all saying Sorry just not your year is it? No sweetheart? Bless your heart.

            Ok, the last part is what all the hearts are saying to me. Yup I'm single.  No boyfriend this year.

            I thought I share a few prayers with the other singles out there maybe one of us will find a sweetheart by Valentine's Day or at least a date.

            "Thank you Lord, that they will be able to speak with their mouths what fills their hearts. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen" 

            Prayer by Joy Lamb in her book "The Sword of the Spirit The Word of God" Inspired by Luke 6:45 with is:

            "The good man brings good things out of the good stored in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks." NIV

            This prayer can mean a number of things.  It could be for someone already in a relationship and wish to communicate better, with their sweetheart or other love ones.

            When I first read it, I thought about trying to talk to my crush.  How I wish I could just say what's in my heart.  No, I don't mean just walking up to him saying I like you do you like me.  No, not that.  Just wish I could talk to him and get to know him.  Have a "getting to know you" conversation. Or better yet he come up and talks to me.

            Not because I think men should make the first move, its more that I'm shy and not sure and I have tried to talk to him. 

            I walked up to him and just said "Hi, how are you?"                                                            

            When he answered "Fine, how are you?" I realized I couldn't hear him and he wouldn't look at me long enough for me to read his lips.  (Yes I have hearing loss) So I asked him to repeat himself, then because I'm leaving... (yeah I got up the nerves to talk when I'm leaving... yeah not the best idea..., ) and I still didn't understand him (won't look at me, and I can't hear his soft voice.) I say "ok, bye" and left, feeling unsure and silly.

            I put aside the fact that I couldn't hear him or tried to anyway and felt that God was giving me courage and helping me get pass my shyness and tired to talk to him a few more time. The last time I tried to talk to him he answered the how are you question before I finished the question.

            One of my guy friends told me if a guy gives you a quick answer he's not interested.  (and I wondered if I was getting on his nerves.) With that in mind I lose my courage to talk to him every time I see him now.  So I also pray to God for the courage to come back.

            Maybe he's not interested, but I pray "That you Lord that they will be able to speak with their mouths what fills their hearts." just hoping we'll talk. Not sure I'll get the courage back to try to talk to him.

            But I'm still praying.

            I planned to share a few more prayers with you as we get closer to Valentine's Day so stop by again and check it out.

Annie Laurie
P.S. Lets not forget about the One who truly loves us.
Nicole Nordeman's What If

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