Friday, January 4, 2013

You Met Someone But They're Deaf Now What?

You met someone but they're deaf now what?
Well don't give up yet.

You can always grab paper and a pen and write down everything you want to say.

Here are some basic "rules" if you will.
  1. Look at the person and make sure they're looking at you. A person who's deaf or hard of hearing can read lips to a degree, but don't breath easy yet.  Some people who are deaf or hh can lips like a A+ student but others can't.  For me I can hear so I use what I hear and what I "read" to know what is being said.  Take one away and I'm lost in seconds. Oh and don't pull a Jim Carrey and use big movements you are making it impossible to read your lips when you do this.
  2. Speak up in a noisy area but don't shout this make reading lips harder and it's insulting.
  3. To get a deaf/hh person attention:
    • Tap them on the arm or shoulder. This won't bother them. They're think nothing of it. It's a normal way to get their attention.
    • Tap the table or hard surface where they sit.
    • Stomp your foot. (This will not get my attention, but I have gotten my friends' attention this way.)
    • Wave really big.  A person who's deaf or hh will notice the movement.
    • Yell Whoo (I want to laugh as I type this one.) Yell whoo? You asked with a shocked expression. Yes when this person is walking away or just won't look at you. I dare you. (I wonder if you have to be around people who are deaf to get this one, but really I dare you)
  4. If nothing else grab that paper and pen.
I hope this help if I left anything out please add in comments.

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