Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At the Beginning and a ROW80 Check-in

Hello ROWers and others readers,
On Sunday's check-in I said I would work on an outline for my story to create a second draft, post a picture of me on this blog and write an About Me page for this blog.
So far this week I have worked on the outline.  The outline can be found here. It's a 9 steps outline for plotting.  Its made into blocks (not by me). So far I have taking the main events in my first draft and put them in the plot blocks.
Sorry I'm not going to show it.  It contain spoilers just in case this book it published someday.
But I will tell you that I cut my oragial beginning.
The first event of my plot started at a halloween party, but I had written an introdution the characters a long introdution to the characters before that.  I think I should introdutes the chararters at the party right before the first changing point happens.  I really need to think about the first line, first phargraph and page.  According to this outline the event should show up in the first line somehow, but I don't want to throw the reader into the action and not give them some people to care about on the way.  This what I plan on working on once I write the About Me and post a picture.

How are y'all coming with ROW80 this week?

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