Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Time For a ROW80 Check-in Again?

I can't believe it's Sunday and time for a ROW80 check-in again....
Well I did mange to keep my Lent promises no sweets, no twitter and no Facebook, since its Sunday I can check and post on twitter and Facebook but not for the next 7 days. Will I make it is the big question. I hope so. Maybe God will help.
I'm learning that I can't edit, instead I want to write another story with characters of the same names. I need to rethink how I'm going to do this 2nd draft.

Maybe I'll write the story backward from scene to scene just a thought.


  1. No twitter or facebook, huh? Tough.

    If you can't edit, you can always get an editor. Sometimes it's hard to see outside your own work.

    1. Hi Kate, thsnks for the advice, but its not ready for anyone one to see.

  2. Thats a problem - editing can be so difficult - we are so close to our work 'tis diff. to see what needs to doing. It's not something I find easy , so no real advice - hopefully some more creative voices will join in here. Good luck:)

    1. Hi Alberta, yeah maybe someone with a good edit tip will come by and add to the advice. I sure hope so. But I got an idea at the gym to not give up on what I edited so far to write to the point I liked in the 1st draft.