Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent and ROW80 Check-in

Today is first day of Lent and Mid-Week check-in For ROW80.
This whole round of ROW80 I have been back and forward on my goals changing them or not reaching them.
Writing goals
First it was write 100 words a day then I changed it to write 500 words a day but then I didn't write every day.
So now I've changed it again to simply write everyday.
Since Sunday I wrote on Monday and Tuesday.  I haven't wrote anything today yet.  There still some of today left I hope to write later after the Ash Wednesday service at 6.

I wrote about a family crisis for my MC's new friend, of course this made me realized I still don't have a major event or crisis for my MC to go through. I mean what drive her to do the things she does? I know she wants to find her friend (forever best friend) and this trying to find her friend changes through the book, first it just looking for her in the lunchroom.

Life goals
I have applied for some jobs.
Need to apply for some more.

For Lent I gave up (I hate that we say I gave up for Lent but I can't think of another way to put it) anyway I gave up for Lent: sweets, twitter and facebook.  Will only check and maybe post on twitter and facebook on Sunday.  So all my twitter writing buddies you may only see me on Sundays. I realized this morning that I spent most of the morning of twitter and facebook I think its a good sign I need to give them up for a while.

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  1. I find smaller goals help me write more often (and sometimes MORE weirdly enough). Good luck giving up T & Fb, not sure I could do that ;-)