Friday, February 8, 2013

valentine's day wish list and An Angel by Her Side Book Review

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Lately I read a series about Amish and angels called A Heaven on Earth Series by Ruth Reid. Her newest book is An Angel by Her Side.

Every book struck a chord in me. It was like I was reading the book at the right moment in my life and the realization her characters discovered was for me too.

But this post isn't just about this amazing series, it about a valentine's day wish list or boyfriend wish list.

A man I can pray with.

In every book the hero and heroine pray together for the crisis going on in the book, it give the impression that if those two get married praying as one is forever in their future.

I just think it's a beautiful picture.

A couple kneeing, holding hands, heads bowed, praying either out loud or silently to their Lord Jesus Christ.

Read any good books lately that inspire you or what's on your valentine's day wish list?

Annie Laurie

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