Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life and ROW80 Check-In

This pass week I didn't do to well on my goals in fact I lost sight of them.

I need to throw something at my characters something that make my MC Alana and the new girl Mallory become friends and grow close.  Something that make new girl become new best friend.

One goal this week is to throw a few things at my characters so readers can get to know them. Would like to write a total of 500 words by next suday. Yes I'm starting out
(again) small.

Life Goals.
Get a job.
In order to do that:
  • update references 
  • update resume
  • Apply for 3 jobs at least this week.
To learn to dream again.
I guess you could say that writing and wanting to be published is dreaming.  But see, I write because I have to write.
My friends were talking about thier bucket lists on Wednesday and I realized I hadn't thought about what I wish to do in a long time.  In the past two years my family lost three people and in my grief I think I lost sight of dreaming for the future.  Writing help me through my grief. It gave me an esape place, so I didn't count it as dreaming.  I counted it as a need.

Thank God I'm no longer in that grief fulled place. Now I need to move forward and I think a job would help.

Here to moving forward. I hope you have a wonderful day and happy writing.
Annie Laurie


  1. Hello, Annie. Writing can be a healing journey for you as well as for your characters. So, what is your story about? Sometimes helping others creates friendship. Does one of your characters need help? Or is facing a crisis? What are each of your characters dreaming about? Even just answering these questions in a journal could be considered writing (and help you reach your goal this week) and could help your story along as well. May YOUR week be a good one!

    1. Thank you Beth now I have something to write about, what are my characters' dreams and what fears will create a heart stopping crisis?

  2. What Beth wrote is marvelous.

    I like to write flash fiction pieces for my characters. Sometimes, horrible things happen to them; sometimes they make horrible things happen.

    Grief can be a rich mine for ideas, if you are feeling strong enough.

    Our second child died at a hospital NICU when he was 12 days old. Most of his life was spent in a coma; he never cried.

    It took a few years, and another child, but finally, Elijah appeared in my fictional world as Liacivaar, the protagonist's child, forced upon her, instantly beloved, and born already dying. This led his mother to commit some devastating acts, and then to a moment of profound grace when she first plays wetnurse to, and then adopts, twins left motherless by her actions.

    It was deeply personal to me, and, while I never saw it coming, it was deeply healing to write it, to share the shape and nature of my child and my pain...

    I also like to have an idea in mind when I fall asleep, something in the story I want to dreams may or may not be abotu that, but I often wake feeling more connected to my characters, their stories, and why they are acting the way they are...

    If you can allow yourself to play around, and dream, a far deeper story may be waiting for you....

    Joyful Writing to You!

  3. Ok Shan, I wrote a reply thanking you for sharing your story but it did publish. Hmmm not good