Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 Poem: I Want to Ask Him

I Want to Ask Him

Here I go again, heart pounding,
tongue twisted, and lips frozen in a line,
women's, men's a child's here and there, voices surrounding.
Could he just give me a hint, a sign?

My mind is blank feeling the stress,
but on the drive here full of questions,
like Do you feel the passion to follow Jesus?
Eyes on menu, but can't make a selection,

Instead I ask about his day,
Do you want more? More, not what the world will give but what God can give?
Again my mind goes blank like a black hole in the milky way.
Do you want to change in Christ, really live?

I want to ask him a question that might strike him as odd,
"Are you a man of God?"

By Annie Laurie Gray
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  1. I've always said, 'don't look for Ms. Right. Let God make you into Mr. Righteous, and she'll find you.' It worked for me. My wife is also a poet. She is

    1. I read your poem about Jesus and Him "setting you up" with your wife I love that.

  2. I love this.... perfect set up, Annie!! Keep writing these great, thoughtful, soulful poems... they are lovely!