Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 Poem: Cross That Line (Carpe Diem)

Cross That Line (Carpe Diem)
Sometime in my life I drew a line,
an invisible line, its mark my comfort zone,
sometimes I move it forward, sometimes back, by mine,
sometimes by others, maybe a line in the dirt, or built of stone
With shaking knees I cross
that line, heart racing, palms sweating,
every time worried I'll get toss,
right back, try not to do anything upsetting.
Once with music blasting, I drove into a stream of cars
called interstate, pushing that line forward,
talked to my crush, only he dating someone
now the line moved back, but I grew stronger
Carpe Diem- must cross that line again,
and again, and again, and again, I hope it never ends
By Annie Laurie Gray
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