Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29 Poem: Gawky Annie Laurie

Today's poem prompt is to write about yourself as if you were writing about someone else. I don't think I really did this. I ended up making fun of myself. Which might be a good thing...

There is a poem out there title Annie Laurie by William Douglas and its also an old Scottish song. It's the song of old I'm preferring to in my poem. Again I'm making fun of myself not the poem or the song.

Gawky Annie Laurie (Me)
Gawky Annie Laurie, like the song of old,
But she's not waiting for love to return,
No, she's waiting for God to unfold,
life before her at every turn.
Gawky Annie Laurie like the song of old,
long and lanky, one friend said,
green-blue eyes to behold,
hide behind wired glasses and pumpernickel bread,
color hair
Gawky Annie Laurie like the song of old,
timid prayer warrior at church,
here is where she's bold,
she's wait for the Lord, perch.
Gawky Annie Laurie like the song of old
wish to break from the mold.
By Annie Laurie Gray
Here are The Corries singing Annie Laurie.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your words, your heart, and your vulnerability. Peace to you.