Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 Poem: Smoother (Extended)

Yesterday I wrote and posted the a short four lines poem. A few of you commented and I keep thinking about it, so now the short four lines poem titled Smoother is extended and it 10 lines longer then yesterday. Enjoy!

I think writing would go smoother,
if I just sat down at the computer,
and bled, but my heart
not ready to break and fall apart.
I guess I need to get ready to bleed,
take everything I wish to hide and write,
on the page the red stain lead,
taking every secret I hold tight.
To be strong and courageous,
and let my heart remember its beats,
broken or not, its adventurous,
and letting go emotional might be sweet.
At least, let go on the page,
and then I might live like the writers braves.
By Annie Laurie Gray
And here are the other poets who wish to share their poems. 

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