Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 Poem: Stranger

For today's poem I just started writing my thoughts down and then cut up the pages. Picked out some of the lines and created a poem.  Funny it helped me realize something really important. Read and see.

Does God have a detailed plan for us?
In August a seed was planted in my mind,
create a blog and start writing again,
go to the coffee shop and write.
In November last year
Life changed for me
A stoke changed my grandmother
Dependent on us
Independent and strong - gone.
My cousin and I the prime caregivers
I didn't mind
wanted to help
improve her life
But God knew
My soul sat in the dark
only a few things brought in light,
my God,
my family,
friends at the coffee shop,
and this stranger
For a few years now
I met my friends on Wednesday for what we called coffee club,
meant to be a college group,
but I'm no longer in college,
talked about the bible and our lives,
Noticed this guy at some point writing in his notebook.
After November
I started looking for him to come in,
sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't,
I just wanted to see him,
sound like a crush doesn't it?
But it wasn't
Something... good, but not a crush,
I couldn't explain it even to myself.
Summer came
I stopped going to the coffee shop,
but in August God planted a seed,
go to the coffee shop and write.
And don't forget to look for him.
Only there was no need to look he's there.
Learned his name
but now to shy to talk to him,
Is this all by chance?
By Annie Laurie Gray
Hi K.C. I doubt you'll see this but thank you.
Your friend, Annie.

To me this poem say that someone I didn't know ended up being important even if it was only for that moment.

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  1. Thanks for sharing how you did this...writing, cutting up that and then forming the poem.
    I used to do that long ago for various projects,
    never thought to do that for a poem.

    I enjoyed the poem, the process and your final comment.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine