Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28 Poem: Life Talks

Today's poem prompt was to take a quote from the blog post and write a poem.  Here is the quote I picked:
You lie there kicking like a baby, waiting for God himself
To lift you past the rungs of your crib. What
Would your life say if it could talk?

—from “No Fly Zone” by Tracy K. Smith (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

So what would my life say if it could talk?
Here is my answer.

Life Talks
So you feel like you're afloat?
Darling, I think you think about,
it too much. I don't mean to gloat,
I've thrown a lot at you, never once completely back out.
You are my quiet fighter,
you sit and wait like a spider.
by Annie Laurie Gray
For some reason there is not a code for the blog hop over on the OctPoWriMo Blog today.... sorry no blog hop today.

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