Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 Poem: Beast of Fears

Beast of Fears
I want to face the Beast of Fears,
the monster every child reckon lives,
in the dark, under their beds, in their closets and might appear,
but only I know where this beast lives.
It lives in my heart, mind and soul,
I want to do more then just look it in the eyes,
but it whisper fear upon fear it grows,
to see this scary guy real size.
I want to throw him from the high story window,
watch him fall and break into a million non-merge able pieces,
for him not to exist not even in limbo,
out of my heart, mind and soul - defended.
But its not going to happen on mere strength alone,
Its going to take faith in the true King on the throne.
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  1. Perfect love casts out fear, but out a window? tee hee great imagery.

  2. Hi Mark, didn't think how odd that might sound... Out a window. That was the image that inspired the poem.